Measuring our impact & progress

As a fashion brand, we consume natural resources and leave a significant footprint behind in the form of waste and pollution. It's our mission to run our business with greater care for the environment, which is why it is vital to understand our impact. This insight allows us to make informed decisions, monitor our progress and be transparent in our approach. Starting with the financial year 2020/2021, our yearly sustainability progress report will outline our social and environmental footprint and the developments we are making in adopting best practices. Current and future reports will be listed on this page. While we're taking steps and making progress, it's important to acknowledge that our status will always remain 'work in progress'. Sustainability is a journey, not a destination – but we're eager to keep moving forward.


Our progress report begins by reflecting on our sustainability journey to date, followed by an outline of our social and environmental footprint and the progress we are making in adopting best practices. This year's primary focus has been on mapping our supply chain, better materials, and measuring our impact – starting with greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that we can only improve that what we measure, which will allow us to set goals and objectives and track progress moving forward. The report acts as a baseline for future assessments. READ THE FULL REPORT HERE Next steps: our aim is to extend our approach to measurement and reporting by completing a full Environmental Profit & Loss by the end of 2022.